Frequently  Asked  Questions...

Q. Why is my class photo not on the website?

A. I can only put on what I find in Libraries, on the www, what LPS or ex-pupils give/email me.


Q. You've spelt my name wrong!

A. I can only put on what people tell me, or how its spelt with the actual photo. 

Obviously with over 18,500 names in the A-Z and under the photos, there's bound to be the odd typing error! Email me.


Q. Why are some photos not very clear?

A. The vast majority are from the pre-digital era, and photographs/scans of Newspaper articles can also lose a bit of sharpness during scanning. 


Q. Can you take my name/image off?

A. Email me your name as it appears, which page and image number. 


Q. Can I buy a copy of my class photo?

A. They are not mine to sell!!! You can simply email me and I'll email you one or you can screenshot it and then crop. 


Q. My name is with the photo, but not in the A-Z?

A. There are now over 18,500 names in the A-Z, I have probably just simply missed it out!


Q.  Why dont you put a hyperlink on each name so I can go straight to my photo?

A. Time!


Q. Why was the 1978 whole school photo taken indoors at the Sports Centre?

A. To be honest, I dont know. Probably raining!


Q. Where do you get all the photos from?

A. Around 40% were given to me by Lodge Park. 

Ex-pupils (see 'roll of honour' ) have sent probably 50% 

The rest have come from hours of research in Corby, Kettering and the British Library in London. 

Some of the internal and external photos of LPS were taken by me.


Q. Why does it have on some of the photos?

A. Its not a copyright mark, its simply an advertisement for the website. 


Q. Do you know where ***** ***** is nowadays, can you contact him/her for me?

A. If I personally know someone, I'll ask them if its OK to pass on their details. 

If not, try Google / Faceache etc etc.


Q. Some of the Teachers in the A-Z were not Teachers, Kevin Keegan for example!!

A. For the pure ease of sorting the A-Z, I've classed any adult as 'Teachers'


Q. My sister died in ****, can you put RIP by her name like you have for others?

A. Email me.


Q. Why do you include Woodnewton & Studfall junior schools, but not mine, Hazel Leys?

A. In 'my day' Woodnewton & Studfall were the two main feeder schools for Lodge Park.


Q. When I was at Lodge Park the school 'house' colours were red, green, & yellow. Why do you use light blue/purple?

A. The 'lower' (1st, 2nd & 3rd year) school tie in 1972 was light blue and purple.